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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

At the Hungary GDC, more than 2,000 associates deliver service support to clients.


At the turn of the millennium, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) decided to consolidate its presence in Europe with a brand new operational center. In true TCS style, the result was one massive organizational breakthrough. The Global Delivery Center (GDC) established in Hungary back then today features more than 2,000 associates belonging to nearly 80 nationalities, together providing support in 33 languages to clients across 186 countries.


Phew! But if that sounds like a lot, consider this: the TCSers at this location speak even more than the 33 languages on the record. Some of our employees speak local languages and dialects such as Welsh, Irish, Catalan, Basque, Esperanto, Flemish, and Icelandic. Together, they are able to provide critical language support across 10 different industries such as banking, utilities, manufacturing, etc.


Also on offer is support for programming and engineering, customer service, finance and accounting, and other HR and payroll requirements. Matched with the sheer diversity of the workforce, this varied portfolio has netted the Hungary GDC several big-ticket loyal clients over the years. The GDC’s near-shore location and understanding of the regional business culture only serve as an added advantage.




One of the initiatives that helped bring this center to life is the ACE program at TCS, which offers young professionals from across the world a chance to learn and grow with the organization. A part of TCS’ collaboration with the AIESEC internship program, ACE today is responsible for bringing in nearly 10% of the workforce at the Hungary GDC.


Says Kenneth Mulengani, originally from Uganda, “My time at TCS began as an ACE intern in the IT infrastructure support space at the Hungary GDC. Over time, not only did I learn about TCS’ IT service management systems, but also got the opportunity to train under senior management right from the beginning. Here, I am coached by extremely experienced associates from all over the world.” In turn, trainees like Kenneth help make the GDC more vibrant and diverse.


To help break the ice and get associates to share their cultures with each other, TCS organizes several fellowship events, as well as informal gatherings like international food nights. Sensitivity training begins right when people walk in: on their first day at the GDC, associates attend a cultural workshop as part of their induction program. Here, they get an idea about the kind of teams and cultures they will work with, and how to avoid stereotyping their colleagues.


This training doesn’t stop with the new recruits – all team leaders are coached in managing diverse teams, dealing with people issues, and resolving conflicts. There is an additional layer of training extended to client-facing teams, helping them better understand cultural nuances. All this goes toward making TCS Hungary GDC’s training portfolio just as diverse as its workforce.




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