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Outdated and insufficient training diminished sales and customer service effectiveness.

With frequent new products and services launches, C Cell struggled to train their customer care agents, franchisees, and sales personnel with the requisite skills and knowledge. Their Learning Management System (LMS) had limited capabilities and flexibility, and could not keep up with the frequent and copious upgrades. The poor training, coupled with limited budgets and the absence of a centralized system, made it hard for sales and customer service to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, many processes were conducted manually, making training reports a time-consuming and complex process. 


TCS deploys a robust LMS to provide end-to-end training management.

TCS implemented a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to manage Cell C’s training needs, with centralized content delivery and management. We deployed Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service, which allows for frequent training updates and provides easy access to a knowledge repository with the latest product information.

We migrated basic organizational information and employee data from the existing system to the new, cloud-based one. Our solution supports all education models and provides a single, unified learning delivery system for Cell C’s extended enterprise of employees, customers, and partners. Instructor-led trainings, which are location-specific, were charted to a map of the country so learners could enroll for the courses in a convenient location. We provided role-based control and access to programs for Cell-C and incorporated powerful features to track attendance, publish calendars, manage enrolments, evaluate courses, take assessments, and provide feedback.

Through forums and chatrooms, resource and credit management, and advanced reporting functions, the solution drives employee engagement and stimulates skill development. 


Cloud learning platform doubles training programs for Cell C.


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