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TCS helps Ceridian deliver solutions faster
Kevin D. Thompson, Vice President, Professional Services, Ceridian, discusses how TCS played the role of a trusted IT partner, helping Ceridian automate its processes, which resulted in robust business growth and improved revenues.
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Communications, Media & Technology
Process Automation Cloud Solutions

Experience Results

In this video, Kevin talks about how TCS helped Ceridian improve its net promoter scores and revenues. He particularly mentions how TCS automated the company’s myriad processes, which helped deliver solutions faster and shortened the time to market.

He adds, “TCS’ expertise in cloud has helped us a great deal. In the long term, we are looking at things like analytics, testing as a service & other things we depend upon TCS as a trusted advisor. With their background and experience, we know we will be successful.”

Experience Partnership

Kevin is appreciative of TCS’ collaborative style of working and customer-centric approach. He mentions, “TCS brings ideas and helps us be more efficient overall. It’s a partnership of back and forth between the two of us and not just a one way conversation between a vendor and a customer.”

He further adds, “I think TCS is a trusted partner for Ceridian where the two of us can actually achieve all the goals that both the companies are after, both in our community and within our business.”

Experience Leadership

Kevin highlights TCS’ business ethics as the key to the long-lasting partnership between the two companies. He mentions, “One of the great things about TCS is their ethics. They are very focused on working with individuals, making sure that when they work with a company, it is a partnership.” 

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