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Tech ramp operators at Changi Airport use smartwatches to improve efficiency

In a recent article published in ComputerWorld Singapore highlights world-first Smartwatch developed by TCS and SATS, a leading provider of airport ground handling and food solutions services, is under operations at Singapore’ Changi Airport.

The Smartwatch developed for airport Technical Ramp operations aims to increase operational efficiency by streamlining on-ground processes and enhancing communication, productivity, and safety, through technology. 

According to Alex Hungate, SATS President and Chief Executive Officer the deployment of smart watches through leveraging Internet of Things has enabled to reimagine the very roles of the Tech Ramp Technicians.

Prior to the implementation of the solution, SATS Tech Ramp Agents would need to physically visit the control center to check rosters and updates regarding ad-hoc changes. With the new solution in play, the Tech Ramp Agents can now receive real-time job and task notifications on-the-go via smartwatches.

"TCS is pleased to have worked with SATS, a key industry partner, to create a mobile solution that has brought immediate results to their operations”, said Girish Ramachandran, President, TCS Asia Pacific.

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