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Citibank UK Improves Digital Banking

Adding user-friendly features increases adoption of self-service banking options.

Citibank UK
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Few customers are taking advantage of online banking, ATMS, and self-service kiosks.

As people continue to expect more from their digital experiences, Citibank UK wants to give their customers the best digital banking options to manage their accounts when and where they want. Though online transactions cost 100 times less than brick-and-mortar activities, only 22 percent of their customers are using the website, ATMs, or kiosks. Citibank UK wants to help more customers adopt online banking by making it easier. How does Citibank UK encourage more people to take advantage of their digital services?


Create a strategy to improve customer experience across digital channels.

We spent seven weeks at four Citibank UK branch locations to understand exactly what customers wanted from online banking, ATMs, and kiosks. Based on the insights we gained from that study, we provided recommendations to Citibank for technical implementations that helped to address the challenge from four angles: strategy, process, technology, and people. 

Strategically, we made ATMs more attractive by allowing customers to withdraw and deposit more cash, and we varied the fees for popular transactions. Additionally, we suggested using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages and ATM screen promotions to boost awareness of digital banking options. We also streamlined branch processes to increase visitor satisfaction.

Online transactions cost 100 times less than those at branches.

TCS made the Citibank UK website easier for people to navigate by adding user-friendly features such as quick links and online banking demos. Finally, we generated excitement around the entire initiative through employee training and incentive programs that encouraged them to spread the word about these digital options.

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