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Cloud Consult and Architect Offering


TCS Cloud Consult and Architect Offering

Risk-calibrated recommendations with TCS’ DART tool.



Enterprises embarking on their cloud adoption journey face several challenges: 

  • Which cloud model and vendor should they choose based on features, maturity, costs, regional availability of Cloud Service Providers etc.?
  • What changes will be required to application architecture and code on cloud?

Enterprises having a large set of applications that they want to consider migrating to cloud need an efficient way to assess application suitability for cloud adoption.

TCS Solution

—for assessment and architecture.

We conduct a comprehensive application portfolio assessment, and offer risk-calibrated recommendations on leveraging a cloud-based solution.

Using the DART tool, the assessment can be done even from mobile device such as iPad, and the weights for assessment parameters in DART can be customized to the context. We can even automate infrastructure discovery by integrating 3rd party discovery tools with DART.

DART facilitates:

  •  Auto-generation of high level target architectures for multiple clouds
  •  Grouping and sequencing of applications for transitioning to cloud
  •  Estimating effort involved for migration

Our semi-automated approach, delivered by our certified and experienced consultants, reduces the risks associated with cloud adoption.


  • Leverage smart assessments and higher level architectures
  • Achieve a cloud road-map specific to unique business objectives
  • Increase efficiency, agility and focus on innovation
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce time to current and new markets

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