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IT containers help package applications as portable modular units decoupled from the underlying code, the operating system, the infrastructure, and the machine. They help simplify access to the underlying infrastructure to deliver greater business agility, improve performance and reduce costs. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Portability, with flexibility to run consistently across multiple environments

  • Accelerated build-test-deploy life cycles with continuous integration and deployment

  • Resilient and automated applications with auto-placement and auto-restart

  • Continual innovation fueled by an open source community

This ultimately helps reduce deployment failure, minimize development time, cut IT operational tasks and reduce the need for manual interactions.


Parthiv Shah

Global Managing Partner,

Cloud Strategy and Transformation, TCS

Niraj Pandita

Consulting Partner – Europe

Cloud Strategy and Transformation, TCS

Nick Matahen

Head of Cloud Business Office

Cloud Strategy and Transformation, TCS