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Providing auto-remediation enhancements and seamless patch management for AWS environments

To run core digital operations on cloud, enterprises require a platform that can manage applications across AWS environments. TCS Cloud Exponence is a centralized multi-tenant platform that enables cloud consumption across geographies, hosted on variety of cloud providers in a shared services model for enterprises. One of the set of tools used in this platform is AWS System Manager, which provides a unified console to manage patch management on multiple operating systems.

Cloud Exponence leverages AWS Systems Manager for automated patch management. The AWS Systems Manager provides APIs for seamless integration with ITSM. It has multiple services built in that enable end-to end seamless integration for patch deployment and cloud-based incident handling. These include:

  • AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager

  • AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Windows

  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  • Red Hat Satellite server

  • Integration with an enterprise’s IT service management (ITSM) for change approvals

  • Integration with an enterprise’s vulnerability management systems

  • Cloud incident handling automation

Operational support

TCS Cloud Exponence helps resolve day-to-day operational issues using AWS OpsCenter component in AWS Systems Manager. It provides a centralized management service to view, investigate and resolve operational work items related to AWS resources. This helps aggregate and standardize operations across services, while providing contextual investigation data about each component.


TCS Cloud Exponence delivers the following benefits to enterprises.

  • Automate operational tasks and easily deploy centralized patch management for hybrid environments

  • Implement security and compliance by scanning instances for patch, configuration and custom policies

  • Gain controlled access using defined AWS identity and access management (IAM) roles

  • Access a highly scalable and cost-efficient solution that is consumed as a service

  • Ensure automated events generation for any operational issues in enterprise ITSM

  • Consume customized automation documents to auto-resolve for any common issues

  • Detect and remediate issues faster

Know more about TCS hybrid cloud patch management at scale using AWS Systems Manager here:

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