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TCS Solution

Tata Consultancy Services and Google Cloud Platform are helping enterprises maximize business value from cloud services by moving investments away from traditional infrastructure solutions such as data centers to developing IT capabilities for core business innovation. Using Google Cloud Platform’s suite of services, TCS helps organizations transition from mainframe to cloud-native capabilities. This is enabled by TCS’ contextual expertise and technology accelerators which migrate and modernize any kind of enterprise workload and data center asset. 

TCS leverages its Cloud Migration Factory solution suite to help organizations set up a cloud ecosystem that reliably and securely deploys workloads to the appropriate cloud service at speed in order to meet business demand. The solution also improves operational efficiencies and performance as part of business-as-usual capabilities.

Further, TCS’ automated industrialized cloud migration services move enterprise applications and data to Google Cloud Platform using the Cloud Migration Factory assembly lines.


Using TCS Cloud Migration Factory to migrate to Google Cloud Platform delivers some key benefits:

  • Migration to modernization continuum: Migration progresses via streams such as low touch (re-host), high touch (re-platform, re-factor), or modernization as per the target architecture recommendation. 

  • Visibility: Track migration progress and even roadblocks in real-time.

  • Migration governance: Monitor migration workbench and assembly lines to streamline post-migration governance.

  • Speed: Accelerate cloud journey to Google Cloud Platform; 20 times faster migration.

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