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Enterprises are looking at continuously evolving their business and providing a differentiated experience to remain competitive. Cloud transformation enables agile, scalable and efficient IT environments. During such transformations, most enterprises choose to work with more than one public cloud platform to avoid vendor lock-in, leveraging cloud resources efficiently, and enabling unified management.

While migrating on-premise applications to cloud, enterprises look at options to modernize applications by migrating to cloud-native architecture on Google Cloud, either by adopting a lift-and-shift approach for quick migration followed by modernization, or taking a combination approach. This enables enterprises to quickly migrate their commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, standardize bespoke applications, leverage next-gen digital technologies for business growth, and focus on portfolio transformation.


TCS’ approach to migrating business applications to Google Cloud aligns organizational goals with digital transformation as a first step, enabling a balanced migration-modernization journey. The approach involves:

Re-hosting applications through migration of virtual machines using M4CE or Anthos Migrate

  • Re-platforming applications by eliminating technical debt
  • Re-factoring supported applications to Google Kubernetes Engine or Cloud PaaS
  • Replacing applications with cloud-based SaaS applications
  • Re-engineering or modernizing applications to microservices and event-driven architecture leveraging Google Anthos

TCS’ end-to-end cloud migration services comprise:

Assessing cloud preparedness: TCS offers digitized cloud assessment and defines target state to arrive at the cloud migration strategy and business case with TCS Cloud Counsel. TCS leverages Google StratoZone™ or third-party tools for discovery of enterprise infrastructure and applications to arrive at the target state for applications on Google Cloud.

Building cloud foundation: We create cloud foundation to design a scalable and efficient landing zone with TCS Cloud Mason. TCS leverages Google’s cloud-native identity and access management (IAM), network, security, consumption and monitoring enablers, and integrates with third-party tools as needed.

Driving migration with a factory-based approach: Enables reliable, secure and faster workload migration to the appropriate cloud service with TCS’ Cloud Migration Factory to meet business needs, improve operational efficiencies and perform business-as-usual activities. It involves both low-touch migration with no changes to applications, and high-touch migrations where applications are migrated to cloud-native applications. It leverages cloud-specific image migration with Google M4CE, TCS’ Cloud Exponence-based automation for environment build to re-platform and modernize, Google Anthos for migration to managed Google containers, and VMWare HCX for image migration to VMWare on Google Cloud Platform.


TCS’ services help enterprises:


TCS Advantage

By partnering with TCS, enterprises can leverage:

Migration factory assets and tools: Gain round-the-clock access to TCS’ subject matter experts, toolkits, configuration management, templates and codes, and security and compliance services. This includes intelligent migration patterns powered by an engine of over 5,000 rules, TCS Cloud Migration Factory with more than 100 assembly lines to meet low-touch and high-touch migration, automated pre- and post-migration tasks with TCS Cloud Assurance Platform, assuring agile and predictable migrations.

Industry-leading expertise and experience: Leverage TCS’ contextual knowledge of the business, industry expertise and commitment of our certified Google experts to achieve risk-free, quicker migration backed by TCS’  Cloud Migration Factory best practices.

Google Garage: Drive continuous innovation, rapid experimentation, and program acceleration with TCS’ suite of cloud accelerators that are rendered on the Google Garage, a digital lab that allows sprinting for experimentation of new solutions for clients.


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