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Ensuring cyber security is a vital aspect of cloud migration. Instead of ‘perimeter security’, the chief information security officers (CISOs) are now focusing on ‘borderless security’ as cloud redraws the IT landscape. As pressure mounts to move from reactive to proactive strategies, CISOs are looking for cognitive tools for heightened surveillance and quick detection, threat identification and intelligent responsiveness.

Partnering with TCS to secure the cloud transformation journey

TCS Cloud Security Services solution offers end-to-end services across the cloud journey, including security design and architecture, migration advisory, and security assurance. It also ensures data and applications are safe and secure in the cloud from current and emerging cyber security threats. TCS offers:

  • Cloud security consulting: Provides cloud security maturity assessment, security design and architecture, security migration advisory and security assurance

  • Secure foundation build: Ensures foundation is built using prebuilt templates and shift left security is implemented utilizing policy as a code

  • Cloud security migration: Secures migration of data and application and extends security controls to the cloud

  • Cloud security modernization: Supports various niche and trending cloud security specifics such as multi-cloud security controls definition and deployments, next-gen security solution implementation and operationalization, workload protection for containers, serverless and various workloads, DevSecOps and SaaS security that defines and deploys cloud access security broker (CASB)

  • Cloud security operations: Enables instrumented governance across multi-cloud environment and provides advanced and specialized cloud-based security operations

Ensuring resilience with a Zero-Trust approach

TCS’ services help secure an enterprise’s IT landscape and enhance cloud security.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster time to market with predefined security blueprints

  • Better compliance outcome by ensuring continuous enforcement, monitoring and measurement of compliance status

  • Automated enforcement of security policy as a code to ensure consistent security policy implementation

  • Improved service quality through greater transparency and visibility

  • Reduced security debt through a structured, well defined, repeatable and automated process



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