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With cybersecurity threats on the rise, enterprises looking to build and synergize their cloud strategies need to address challenges such as data security, regulatory compliance, and configuration risks across cloud services. They need to improve their core security and compliance on data locality, protection, and confidentiality on cloud—to confidently run their business operations in the cloud. A comprehensive suite of offerings that cover cloud advisory services, strategy, migration, modernization, security, and managed services for private and hybrid cloud environments can help them get to cloud value, faster and securely.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Security and Compliance Solution for AWS provides comprehensive security for your cloud-based applications and data. It identifies security automation to overcome cyberattacks, implements secure CI-CD pipelines, and builds a security roadmap spanning the complete life cycle of cloud adoption. Here are some of its key features:

  • Cloud security assessment and road map: Build a complete view of security maturity across data, application, infrastructure, networking, identity and access management, incident response, and regulatory compliance.
  • Security foundation design: Leverage reusable solution architecture patterns and deploy them rapidly into the business environment.
  • PII data privacy and security: Perform data masking on personal identifiable information (PII) data, data encryption at rest and transit, and ensure backup and data recovery strategy for data stores.
  • AWS ransomware solution: Assess and remediate gaps in AWS environment security controls.
  • Secure SageMaker: Build security controls with readily deployable infrastructure as code (IaC) templates.


The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Improved security through automation of manual security tasks
  • Enhanced quality and security of the code releases with automated CI-CD pipelines
  • Sufficient guardrails to build a comprehensive security framework for cloud-based applications
  • Regulatory compliance with automated compliance checks and deviations from your solutions, leveraging TCS’ rapid security assessment framework
  • Auto-remediation through identification of pockets of security automation



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