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TCS and IBM offer co-engineered hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises that accelerate enterprises' digital transformation journey by modernizing workloads during the migration process.

The enterprise cloud migration solutions enable firms to embrace risk, create exponential business value, increase agility, and improve customer experience. With TCS’ accelerator suite Migration Modernization Continuum (iCMC) for IBM Cloud Platforms and IBM Cloud Paks, enterprises reap numerous benefits:

  • Early business benefit realization
  • Accelerated assessment with business case decision drivers
  • 50% TCO reduction over five years
  • Improved user experience with responsive and scalable systems
  • Continuous innovation with improved technical debt factors


TCS provides ready-to-use, quick-start deployment templates and automation to accelerate enterprise cloud migration.

  • Enterprise Cloud Assessment powered by TCS iCMC

  • Enterprise Cloud Foundation leveraging TCS Zipped Agile  

  • Enterprise Cloud Migration Services using TCS Cloud Migration Factory

  • Enterprise Application Modernization through TCS Modernization Propeller

  • Enterprise Integration Services by TCS Business Ecosystem Integration System

  • TCS Cloud Managed Service Platform leveraging IBM Multicloud Manager

TCS Advantage

TCS offers a range of engagement models with a team of dedicated IBM cloud migration and modernization experts working onshore, nearshore, or offshore. TCS also offers:

  • Ready-to-use, quick-start deployment templates and automation

  • Proven methodologies, in-house tools, and solution accelerators for seamless enterprise cloud migration and governance

  • Sustainable, lightweight technology, and service fabric

  • Machine FirstTM and innovation-driven approaches


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