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Seamless user experience for internal and external stakeholders is a priority for organizations globally. Lack of self-service options and personalized services, high turnaround times due to multiple manual touchpoints, absence of multilingual and multimodal capabilities, and inconsistent experience across multiple channels affect customer experience and loyalty. 

TCS Solution

TCS offerings for Cognitive Applications on Azure provide automation levers to help organizations take better decisions, gain valuable insights and ensure a personalized experience for customers.

  • Conversational AI: Leverage omnichannel, multilingual and multimodal intelligent virtual assistants to provide 24x7 guided self-service to users.
  • Communication services: Enable SMS, chat, and audio and video calling with screen share services to connect customers with live agents in real time.
  • Intelligent document processing: Enable AI-enabled automated information extraction from documents in various formats and languages. Machine learning is leveraged to offer data ingestion and model customization capabilities for building, training and deployment of models to provide advanced intelligence.
  • Cognitive search: Provide enhanced search experience with vision, text analytics and natural language understanding capabilities, over private, heterogenous content in web, mobile and enterprise apps with cloud-based search functionality.



TCS’ solutions offer the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Improved CX through personalized, proactive, and predictive treatment of customer queries
  • Reduced operational costs through AI enrichment
  • Enhanced 24x7 service to cater to diverse customer preferences
  • Reduced manual effort with intelligent document processing to manage complex tasks
  • Achieve better demand forecasting, personalization, and selling with actionable insights
  • Improved straight-through processing with reimagined automated business processes




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