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  • Working with TCS and NetApp, Australian energy company AGL transformed its infrastructure by moving to cloud.
  • The cloud transformation is improving AGL’s energy efficiency and helping it reduce its carbon footprint.
  • In a case study on the project, IDC attributes the strong collaboration between AGL, TCS, and NetApp as key to the project’s success.


A 180-year-old energy company takes the cloud route to promote sustainability.

In a recently published case study, IDC has highlighted TCS’ work with hybrid cloud provider NetApp on an infrastructure transformation project for energy company AGL. 

AGL is a 180-year-old integrated energy company that delivers gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to residential, business, and wholesale customers across Australia. AGL wanted to migrate all its applications to a public cloud by 2022 for storage optimization. By doing so, it also aimed to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint through less dependency on data centers.  


AGL accelerates its cloud transformation journey with TCS and NetApp to become a digital utility of the future.

AGL partnered with TCS and NetApp to build a digital core with cloud as the unifying fabric. The modernization has helped AGL move away from on-premise to cloud-based storage to become a sustainable enterprise.  

In the case study, IDC highlights how TCS’ with a decade-old partnership with AGL, leveraged deep contextual knowledge of the client’s business to provide significant contribution to the project’s success. 

“TCS would come up with ideas for a solution to pitch to AGL. The infrastructure includes the hardware and software layer being transformed by TCS and on which they build, run, and manage services,” according to the case study.

“This allowed AGL to initiate the project storage optimization. Solution design and architecture were done closely in collaboration with TCS and NetApp. Although the project was managed by AGL, it was assisted by TCS and NetApp. It is highly unlikely that the project would have come together and been executed so successfully without this degree of collaboration.”   



Derive cloud value faster with the right partners to achieve scalability, flexibility, and attain higher effencies.

The partnership has paid off well for AGL. In the IDC case study, Dr. Glen Duncan, associate research director, Datacenter, IDC, says:    

AGL is now able to enjoy all the benefits of cloud including scalability, flexibility, and consumption-based pricing models that have resulted in significant savings for the company.   

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.

The IDC perspective

Each cloud journey is unique; a partner with contextual knowledge can make a difference.

For successful cloud transformations, IDC recommends that whenever possible, companies should engage with partners who have a good understanding of their contextual environment as well as the technical solutions. IDC also recommends looking for a proven innovative culture and the ability to assist in quantifying the environmental benefits of cloud migration.

The full case study is available on with permission from IDC. You can also download this pdf on AGL's infrastructure transformation.

The full case study is available on with permission from IDC.