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Enterprises using legacy networking hardware in a heterogeneous environment often face operational challenges. Console-based activities and manual implementation processes stretch the time taken to deliver network services. Further, vendor lock-in prevents companies from adopting new technology solutions. Multiple monitoring and management tools mean that there is no single management pane, and this impacts network quality of service (QoS) and a higher mean time to recovery.   

TCS Solution

TCS CognixTM for Network Services helps enterprises transition to cloud-native and business- responsive networks with demand-aligned solutions for transformation and managed services. We build a technology evolution roadmap to modernize and manage enterprise networks by leveraging services across the value chain. These include:

  • Network blueprinting: Assess enterprise network landscape and develop the roadmap and business case for network transformation.
  • Managed SASE: Access key functionalities from multiple OEM partners and deliver secure access service edge (SASE) as a service.
  • Managed OT networks: Digitalize and modernize operational technology networks.
  • Platform-led approach:
    • NetomateTM: Automate the enterprise network delivery using DevOps principles.
    • TCS Network as a service (TNaaSTM) platform:  Provide a single pane of glass view for hybrid enterprise networks.
  • Intelligent branch networks: Build branch networks with emerging technologies.



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The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • 2X enhanced network performance by improving QoS, app-aware networking, programmable data center, and cloud-optimized network
  • Reduced site expansion timeline from weeks to days through zero-touch provisioning, centralized network controllers, and automated network delivery
  • 25-40% reduced total cost of ownership
  • 20-30% reduced mean time taken to restore through a single pane of monitoring and management
  • 30% improved overall operational efficiency