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Enterprises are looking to leverage digital experience management and workplace analytics capabilities to transform business operations. However, with the rise in complexity of end user IT services, IT departments lack visibility of the end user infrastructure, activity, and experience. IT departments find it difficult to adjust as employees join and leave companies at a rapid pace and use local, on-premise, and SaaS applications which causes work disruption and reduced flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. The inability to access resources and deliver on time often leads to disappointment.


TCS Solution

TCS CognixTM for Digital Workspace Services enable intuitive, immersive, and intelligent workspaces to enrich employee experiences and help them improve productivity levels. With an array of easy-to-deploy, modular, and scalable ‘value builders’, we bring multiple digital levers together to enable a zero-touch IT and next-gen workplace. Key features include:

  • Silent IT operations: Leverage end-point remediator to identify early warnings and stop issues from occurring, and the service request optimization engine to help identify and automate activities.
  • Augmented insights: Discover systematic issues on user devices or infrastructure with real-time end-to-end IT analytics, and continuously analyze end user environment.
  • Enhanced experience: Build a proactive user experience for each user profile with context-specific self-service for the user, and suggest actions to improve performance and productivity.
  • Future-ready: Present real-time dashboards using intelligent reporting and enable users with future technologies such as AR-VR and cognitive automation.



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With TCS CognixTM for Digital Workspace Services, enterprises can achieve the following:

  • 20% incident elimination
  • 20% reduction in average handling time of service requests
  • 90% accuracy in predicting disruptions in the workplace landscape
  • 300% improvement on SAT response and more than 3% improvement on CSAT scoring
  • 95% improvement in remote operating system deployment on end user devices
  • 50% faster onboarding of new enterprises with simpler contracting within four to six weeks
  • 20% reduction in user pain minutes