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Today every enterprise is powered by Data Intelligence. Enterprises, making use of effective utilization of data to get deeper insights through cognitive learning methods, scale high and reap benefits.

  • Without adequate inputs, law, audit, and other services cannot perform due diligence and research properly.

  • Without insight backed by data, enterprises do not know how to service their customers better, prevent or resolve conflicts, manage risks, or even promote their business. 

TCS Solution

The Cognitive Computing Offering consists of a set of turnkey tools that provides AI-driven business insights to high tech companies. These offerings are in the following areas:

  • Consumer electronics and peripherals

  • Professional services

  • Software

They also automate and simplify activities that involve complex decision-making. Conversational software bots embedded in the solution process data from diverse sources which help in delivering practical response simulating human behavior. These self-learning bots evolve continuously by assimilating precedents. This makes troubleshooting and automation more targeted and accurate over time.


  • Mimic contact center agents with the help of voice-based bots
  • Use natural language processing and sentiment analysis to interact with
  • Improve the efficiency of financial audits through a cognitive analytics engine
  • Manage inventory levels and warehouse workflows better
  • Offer an intuitive recommendation engine that converses with online shoppers
  • Respond swiftly to changing industry requirements such as new regulatory norms
  • Reduce cost of operations by automating process cycles


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