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With the emergence of hyper-connected environments and data-driven network operations, telcos have a slew of opportunities to improve service delivery and enhance customer experience. However, mining the raw data for actionable insights and decision making is a challenge, especially in a complex, multi-vendor network landscape.


TCS’ Cognitive Network Operations is a turnkey solution to enable telcos to drive analytics-driven operations. Key features include:

  • Single view of network: Single and correlated display of alarms with service view, which phenomenally reduces monitoring and troubleshooting effort

  • Fault and performance prediction: Predictive view of alarms and performance, with probability, to enable shift-left operations; combination of reactive and predictive tickets for economical resolution

  • Heuristic data analysis: Comprehensive view of fault configuration and performance data from the entire ecosystem of network functions to gauge user experience holistically

  • Auto-ticketing of network faults: Gets the feed from social media and contextualizes customer mentions to technically interpret the problems in network functions and issue automatic tickets

  • Exhaustive libraries for faster and precise implementation: Libraries of network faults and topologies to accelerate alarm grouping, correlation, root cause analysis, and impact analysis features


TCS’ Cognitive Network Operations offering helps telcos:

  • Deliver superior customer experience

  • Conduct proactive fault detection

  • Drive efficient resource management

  • Lower operational costs

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