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As complexities and risks in IT operations grow, enterprises around the world have accelerated the shift to platform-based service models for greater resilience. Operating in a hyper-connected world, such models are key for streamlined integration of applications that enable enterprises to launch new products, reduce the time to market and tackle disruptions. Enterprises are now looking for transformation partners and platforms that ensure seamless integration of service models into their businesses.

TCS Solution

Designed to drive transformation initiatives for service resilience, business agility, and enhanced customer experience, TCS Cognix™ Platform is a modular, global, scalable, secure, multi-tenant platform offering standardized and futuristic IT services with integrated processes and technologies.

This service catalog-based platform, offered as a scalable and pay-as-you-use model, ensures seamless, omnichannel user experience. It accelerates enterprises’ IT infrastructure transformation, enables greater efficiency and agility in business operations, and ensures compliance with inherent security and regulatory compliances. It also enables multi-tool integration, faster onboarding, instant service enablement, and AI-based services through virtual workforce and automation.


With TCS Cognix Platform, enterprises can:

  • Predict disruptions in business operations with up to 90% accuracy
  • Enable faster speed to market and improve employee productivity with real-time analytics
  • Improve responsiveness with 100% platform availability
  • Enable 32% faster response rate at service desk using TCS MFDM™
  • Drive seamless integration of third-party tools with built-in APIs
  • Enable 50% faster onboarding of new enterprises and simpler contracting
  • Increase cost efficiencies by reducing overall MTTR by 35%
  • Drive 20% cost optimization across integrated and mature business operations


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