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The Challenge

It’s vital

84% of managers agree that innovation is critical to their strategy and 80% of managers see their current business growth models at risk. Businesses must innovate to capture new opportunities.

It’s challenging

Only 6% of executives are happy with their innovation performance. Innovation success requires money, time, and skills to beat competitors. But those who invest in innovation often fall short of their ambitions. How can businesses innovate rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly?


This is where the Product and Service Innovation (PSI) comes in. This service offering’s blend of strategy and experience speeds up and de-risks innovation with a comprehensive innovation solution.

  • Experience-led: To understand your challenge from the inside out, our design, marketing, and content experts collaborate with your team through detailed interviews and interactive workshops to quickly identify the problems and come up with the most promising potential solutions.
  • Strategic: To understand your challenge from the outside in, we conduct deep secondary research to position your innovation needs within the broader competitive environment. We bring in global technology and product licensing to expand your innovation evaluations.






We help unlock value with simplified data integration using AWS Glue.

  • The offering is flexible, full-service, and end-to-end
  • In-depth research and unmatched technical implementation with services across technologies and industries
  • Complete assistance in design, customer experience, digital marketing advisory, and digital transformation


psi benefits




Write to to know what PSI can do for you.