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Connected Clinical Trials Platform

Digital Trials in a Connected World



To optimize time to market for new pharmaceutical products, companies seek new ways of effective and personalized patient engagement, high quality data capture, improved patient adherence while also improving the operational efficiency and compliance during a clinical trial process. At the same time, regulatory requirements for patient health and data quality are increasingly becoming stringent, forcing pharmaceutical companies to rethink manual, paper-based, time consuming and error prone processes of managing clinical supplies. 

TCS Solution

TCS Connected Clinical Trials (CCT) Platform is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that can be used to gain real-time insights into adherence and trial data while also automating the clinical supply process. CCT platform has four modules:

  • CCT-Tracking: Tracks all medication kit transactions at the site to prevent dispensing errors

  • CCT-Communication: Provides patient-specific, real-time notifications, dosing instructions, tutorial videos via smart phones and enables continuous adverse event data collection

  • CCT-Label: Uses patient-specific and easily readable all-in-one electronic drug labels in patient’s preferred language

  • CCT-Adherence: Employs sensor-enabled medication packages to register medication intake and eliminates guesswork ensuring that the right pill is taken at the right time


  • Automated Trial Supplies: Implement paperless and self-controlling medication process (at site and at home)

  • Right Drug at Right Time: Facilitate real-time access of treatment adherence (at home)

  • Immersive Patient Engagement: Enable personalized patient support and interactive multimedia communication

  • Better Compliance: Reduce inspection findings on treatment adherence and study procedures

  • Transformed Labeling Process: Improve time effectiveness with patient friendly and adaptable electronic labels

  • Adaptive Trial Design: Gain real-time insight with a possibility for immediate dose-adjustments

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