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Run your Network and Services in Auto Mode

Integrated device, network, and service management across heterogeneous devices and network



The various devices in a network need to be managed holistically to provide end-to-end view of services to the user. With technological advancement and the complexity that comes along, it is becoming difficult for communications service providers (CSPs) to manage and maintain a variety of networks and services.

To add to that, the ever-expanding service portfolios are resulting in multiple domains of devices, networks, and processes, managing which is not an easy task. That said, hybrid networks will be even more challenging to manage and maintain.

With customers today being much more aware about service levels, demand what they are paying for, CSPs will have to make sure their networks are robust, stable, and scalable.


TCS HOBS™ Connected Device Management (CDM) simplifies next-gen service delivery by enabling complete automation, assurance, and configurability of processes for network operations across physical and virtual networks. It provides end-to-end visibility into devices, allowing holistic monitoring from the service context, thereby enabling CSPs to assess potential customer impacts and take remedial actions when needed.

Key features include:

  • Zero-touch network automation

  • Unified view for management of home, enterprise, and network devices

  • Service based monitoring and management supported by advanced analytics

  • Device agnostic and support for hybrid environment

  • Centralized network configuration management and auditing

It leverages cloud based infrastructure and effective implementation of architectural principles such as multi-tenancy, horizontal scalability, configurability, distributed access and device agnostic. With its integrated capabilities across Device, Network & Service Management, TCS HOBS™ CDM reduces the number of processes and tools that an enterprise needs, enabling significant cost savings.


Tata Sky Reduces Revenue Leakage

TCS HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance helps the DTH major mitigate dealer and inventory fraud

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