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Connected Intelligence Platform

Design highly personalized, Connected Customer Experiences with an integrated software solution



Today’s consumers expect rewarding experiences from organizations they do business with, and their last great experience becomes the minimum they expect everywhere else.  The ability to deliver an exceptional experience is the new competitive battlefield across industries, governments, and domains, and requires a new form of intelligence called Connected Consumer Intelligence™. Before now, organizations have faced multiple roadblocks that have prevented developing this level of insight.

TCS Solution

  CIP does this today as the proven technology platform powering TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights and TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange solutions, and can create and curate new Connected Customer Experiences across additional industries, governments and domains. CIP also includes features and controls to meet today’s prevalent privacy and security guidelines.

Key Features

  • Leverage Connected Consumer IntelligenceTM to create hyper-personalized experiences
  • Blend data silos including physical, digital, front & back office, channels & devices
  • Configure real time responses that anticipate specific consumer needs
  • Collaborate with other organizations to create new forms of value


  • Deliver the connected customer experiences that people are demanding
  • Anticipate specific consumer needs based on real-time situations
  • Create customer experiences that are so precise, timely and relevant, they’re prescient
  • Enable organizations large and small to leverage all available data in real time
  • Learn and adapt to each individual’s needs and expectations
  • Tap into IoT to make faster, better business decisions that improve customer experiences
  • Create and curate connected ecosystem experiences customers expect and respond to
  • Optimize engagement by mapping and understanding the customer journey

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