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Health conscious consumers are increasingly adopting wearables, connected devices, and mobile apps to track their fitness, and they expect their care givers and insurers to also offer personalized wellness tips, treatment reminders, and educational content in a proactive and timely manner.

Companies, therefore, need to create a universal wellness platform that aggregates data from a broad range of devices to generate actionable insights on the unique behavioral pattern for each individual. 

TCS Solution

to different types of consumers.

In order to motivate individuals to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, our solution is:

  • Personalized: customizes patient care to improve the care experience.

  • Collaborative: connects insurers, care providers, administrators, and employer groups.

  • Efficient: gives individuals control of their own health, yet provides support from health coaches, etc.

  • Mobile: tracks running, walking, heart variability, and pulse rate with a consumer-facing portal and hybrid app, named Health Wallet.

  • Integrated: ties data management to middleware to manage notifications & assessments, and administer health programs.

  • Social: crafts bespoke health programs based on social interactions of various groups and communities. 


  • Engage consumers in high-level self-directed wellness

  • Reduce care delivery costs with preventive wellness programs

  • Increase real-time patient access across multiple channels

  • Harness data insights to configure customized care plans

  • Achieve business agility with quicker products/services launch

  • Secure patient buy-in with gamification, rewards, & a care community

  • Increase patient mind share with better-quality healthcare

  • Drive patient/member loyalty via effective engagement

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