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  • Together, the Internet of things (IoT) and cloud are driving innovation and unlocking exponential value for businesses.
  • To make the most of IoT and cloud, enterprises need to modernize applications and database solutions.
  • TCS’ AWS IoT Core Services helps enterprises master the IoT journey by building intelligent connected products, and establishing interactive control of high-value assets and fleets.



Unlock exponential value with the combined power of IoT and cloud

We live in an interconnected world powered by IoT. Cloud is playing a key role in this connected ecosystem—it is the underlying digital fabric enabling asset connectivity, management, and communication at scale and speed. To maximize the synergies between IoT and cloud and drive greater value for their business, customers, partners and all stakeholders, enterprises need to modernize their applications and database solutions.

Public cloud service providers such as AWS offer specialized solutions that can be tailored to specific use cases.


Building the IoT core with TCS and AWS

Laying the foundation of an IoT ecosystem: TCS' AWS IoT Core Services offers reference architecture blueprints that enable secure, bi-directional communication for connected devices to establish control, manage, and monitor high-value assets. This provides better visibility into asset utilization, reduced communication latency for smarter decisions, and a reduction in operational overheads.

Helping enterprises master their IoT journeys: TCS brings together our IoT and digital engineering expertise, contextual knowledge of industry-specific requirements, and extensive experience of working with AWS IoT solutions to help enterprises master their IoT journeys. We help enterprises achieve servitization of industrial equipment, build intelligent connected products, and establish interactive control of high-value assets and fleet.

Strengthening the IoT core: We leverage other AWS solutions that complete the IoT solution architecture. AWS IoT Greengrass for managing intelligent device software; Amazon DynamoDB that provides a managed, serverless database for running applications; and Amazon Relational Database Service that helps set up a relational database in the cloud are just some examples.


Build a connected, secure ecosystem for growth

  • Connect your enterprise devices at scale—without the need for provisioning or managing servers.
  • Experience greater flexibility in communication—you can choose your preferred industry-wide standard communication protocol from among MQTT (an OASIS standard messaging protocol for IoT), HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure), MQTT over WSS (WebSocket over an encrypted TLS connection), and LoRaWAN (a proprietary low-power wide-area network modulation technique).
  • Ensure end-to-end encryption and security with mutual authentication across devices enabled on different data layers.
  • Derive real-time actionable insights from data.



Here are some of the unique advantages that we bring to an IoT engagement:

  • A decade-long partnership with AWS, delivering products and solutions.
  • We are a service delivery competency partner on AWS IoT Core.
  • Accelerators and best practices for efficient IoT development.
  • Architecture blueprints for industry-specific IoT use cases.
  • A successful track record across multiple engagements using AWS IoT Services.