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TCS iTrakX® tracks the flow of men, material, money and information bidirectionally from source to consumption point.

A fusion of technologies derived from internet of everything, blockchain elements, and smart handheld devices power the TCS iTrakX, which can connect to a variety of systems and devices for flexibility and scalability. It provides real-time visibility and insights into the functional efficacy of the entire value chain, which allows for correcting the choking points and accelerating the flow to the optimal condition either by self-healing (potentially) or by intervention. Thus, with time, this system has the potential to act as a digital twin for the entire supply chain.

Features include bi-directional track and trace in real time, regulatory compliance, sustainable farming, product quality assurance till point-of-sale, counterfeit detection, reducing unplanned downtime, operational efficiency improvement, asset monitoring, food freshness and feedback, thereby delivering a positive experience to customers at each transaction point.

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iTrakX T&T (Track and Trace), Integrated Shipment Tracking in-Transit (ISTT) and iVerify

Provides end-to-end traceability of products and assures their authenticity and quality from source to point-of-sale, along with meeting regulatory compliance. It also enables shipment tracking while they are in transit.

iTrakX Connected Assets

Provides visibility into the performance and tracking of CPG company assets such as coolers/fridges and vending machines which are kept at varied locations across the globe.

iTrakX e-Plantation

Enables digitization of operational planning in farms to make them efficient, sustainable, and regulatory compliant by ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures and measuring operational performance using industry-standard KPIs and analytical reports.

iTrakX Data Center (DC) Monitoring

Helps CPG companies prevent unplanned outages in their manufacturing and warehouse facilities by proactively monitoring the data centers located inside them.



TCS iTrakX® for a Digital Supply Chain & Improved CX

Read how the iTrakX® platform offers visibility into the functional efficacy of the CPG value chain & enables counterfeit detection & sustainable farming. 




TCS iTrakX enables the following benefits:

  • Increased supply chain visibility in real time, demand and supply synchronization, E2E traceability

  • Early detection of counterfeits, easy product hold/recall

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Reduction in capital losses due to asset tracking

  • Increased efficiency and productivity across the CPG value chain

  • Increased revenue opportunities due to product premiumization

  • Analytical insights, timely alerts, on-demand reports

  • Potential digital twin for the entire supply chain

  • Self-healing and outages control resulting in reduced unplanned downtime


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