IDC Perspective: Is Customer Experience Now the Driving Force for the Supply Chain?

This IDC Perspective examines the key role that customer experience is poised to play in the future of the supply chain.

It discusses TCS HiTech’s approach with some of its key SCM offerings.

"Companies need to raise their supply chain game to meet increasing customer and consumer expectations. Customer Experience (CX) is fast becoming the core of the future supply chain. TCS has demonstrated a strong approach in connecting CX with SCM, especially for the High Tech industry domain. This would help their customers to realize business benefits from TCS' technology investments." - Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, IDC.

As per IDC, 90% of industry growth will be captured by companies that successfully engage directly with consumers. Many of the experiential capabilities that supply chain must have are possible only with the modern digital capabilities. IDC acknowledges TCS' view that Supply Chain efforts must connect with Customer Experience (CX) imperatives. TCS HiTech's supply chain capabilities are geared to the consumer and provide a strong linkage between SCM and CX. TCS perceives CX as being reliable (living up to commitments), convenient (choice, consistency, and timely), responsive (listening and responding), and relevant (personalized and meaningful).

"I am very happy to note that IDC has acknowledged our unique approach of customer experience being central to supply chain management. This report further strengthens our intent to create innovative solutions in this area for our high tech customers. We are committed to collaborate with our customers in developing smart processes that will help them stay relevant to their businesses.” – Nagaraj Ijari, Vice President & Global Head - HiTech ISU, TCS