Continuous Innovation Supports Digital Reimagination at TCS Europe



Continuous Innovation Supports Digital Reimagination at TCS Europe

This IDC Flash delves into innovation at TCS, how it is helping in Digital Reimagination and automation initiatives within its client organizations as well as helping helping TCS to attain industry-leading customer satisfaction rates and strengthen its position as a leading global IT services company.

TCS talks about digital in five forces: mobility, Big Data, social, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI)/robotics. It leverages these five forces to reimagine business models, products and services, business processes, systems, and workplaces. To support the sustainability and growth of digital expertise, it has built out a Digital Reimagination framework where domain experts in each of its industry solution units work closely with technology experts.

What is evident is the emphasis and effort that TCS places on building out ecosystems of engagement. COIN, the Co-Innovation Network run by Ananth, plays a central role here. Every year, TCS screens over 1,000 start-ups across the key innovation hubs, looking for interesting companies at different stages of incubation. In the Nordics for example, it does this through SLUSH. For TCS, these are not capital plays — it is not investing in equity, but time, bandwidth, ecosystem expansion, and invention. This gives TCS and its customers a radar of what is going on in the technology world.

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