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Today, content is created in different formats, distributed through various channels, and consumed in multiple ways across geographies. So, the question is, “Who owns the content?” in a sharply digitized world. Companies find it complex to acquire rights, manage and protect them. Media and entertainment companies are challenged to maintain a standard contract structure and system for contract processing. Also, companies find it difficult to effectively monetize their content inventory.

TCS Solution

Our services help media companies to maximize revenues from their media properties. Here are some key features of services:

  • TCS Enterprise Rights Management Solution: to varying customer requirements. By integrating license-in and license-out workflows, it provides clear visibility of rights across territory, language, and media.
  • Contracts conversion and management services: We accelerate the digitization of historical contracts and standardize business processes. This reduces manual processing of contracts.
  • Application development and maintenance: TCS designs, implements, tests, and integrates heterogeneous applications.

We have helped a Hollywood Studio to save 80% in conversion timeline from 6 years to 18 months, while saving $1 million a year in operational cost.


  • Explore new revenue streams by integrating rights-in and rights-out on a single platform
  • Manage the rights of archived content
  • Gain better visibility into assets and their rights
  • Improve content leverage ratio across divisions
  • Automate workflows from content tracking, rights management, to usage tracking

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