Intelligent, Interactive Conversations - Anytime, Anywhere!

Our Conversational Experience (CE) solutions harness AI-powered technology that is impacting businesses, transforming interactions, engagements, and experiences for both enterpise customers and the larger ecosystem.

We Deliver Results

We offer a wide range of advisory, technology, design, AI, and reimagination capabilities that ensure enterprises have an exciting journey. Our expertise in major conversational AI platforms, alliances with niche partners, and global presence allow us to deliver unparalleled business results.

Conversational Customer Experience

Provides superior customer experience, anytime-anywhere, in the channel of the customer's choice (Opti-channel) using human-like machine-first interactions.

Conversational AI in Contact Center

Uses empathetic virtual agents, conversational IVR and AI augmenting human agents to deliver exceptional customer service and transforms the contact center balancing the cost, quality and revenue.

Conversational Sales and Marketing

Leverages virtual agents/assistants to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales and enhances the customer experience after-sales and warranty.

Conversational HR

Uses conversational interface and AI to re-invent recruitment, employee onboarding, training, policy communication and collaboration.

Conversational IT

Improves employee experience and self-service using expert assist and multi-lingual conversational helpdesk integrated with service management.

Conversational Kiosk

Provides smart (or out-of-the-world) phygital, immersive experiences when customers are on premise.

Conversational KM

Establishes an AI-based strong knowledge management foundation using the wealth of enterprise information to improve the efficacy of the conversational interface.

Enterprise Personal Assistant (or Virtual Employee Assistant)

Improves employee experience by providing convenient voice-first interface in consumer devices, enterprise applications and data for improved productivity, collaboration and job satisfaction.

Multi-Modal Engagement

Meets the ever-growing consumer demands for superior experience of your chatbot/voice bots by using multimedia (images/video) and the power of computer vision and extended reality.

Conversational AI Advisory

Helps enterprises choose the right use cases, platforms, persona and provides a strategy and roadmap for moving towards becoming a conversational enterprise.

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