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 How we are helping communities respond to COVID-19

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, TCS has been responding to the crisis globally, supporting needs of the local communities where we live and work.

In India, TCS has been a major contributor to the Tata Group’s pledge of $200M to COVID19 relief & response efforts.

To support healthcare needs, we setup isolation centers, hospitals, expanded health workers’ capacity, provided PPE and other medical supplies, respiratory systems for treating increasing cases, testing kits to increase per capita testing, setting up modular treatment facilities for infected patients, training of health workers as well as the general public and helped at-risk population gain access to care. These are in addition to our research & innovation efforts on vaccine, drug molecule discovery, clinical trial systems, affordable devices and more.

Addressing underlying systemic inequities, we delivered food, grain & supplies to vulnerable population, empowered rural youth and women on a path to entrepreneurship and employment, helped students and educators traverse to virtual learning, and enable rural villagers to access government entitlements and more.

We run bespoke CSR programs throughout the country, working with a network of national and local partners and welcome your partnership in supporting current & emergent local needs.

  • CARING FOR THE VULNERABLE: TCS provided more than 100,000 PPE to police and front-line workers. 2.5 million meals were distributed to 250,000 doctors and medical professionals
  • LENDING A HELPING HAND: TCS matched 100% of employee donations, resulting in over INR 12 crore donated to global community organizations such as the PM CARES fund, Feeding America, Canadian Red Cross, Caritas Manila, Singapore People’s Association and many others.
  • BRIDGING EDUCATION GAPS: A digital pivot for our strategic programs, Ignite My Future in School, goIT and Youth Employment, ensured that learning continued even if it could not take place in person. TCS created its Edu VirtualAssist (EVA) to support educators and parents struggling with common technical issues or just needing advice on how to get the most out of the virtual learning experience
  • EXETENDING OUR REACH: Digital entrepreneurs of TCS’ flagship BridgeIT program became the “bridge” to connect communities to critical services that had all gone virtual. During the first wave their efforts resulted in financial inclusion and access to government entitlements for villagers across 30 aspirational districts. That work continues today as India fights the second wave.