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Digital Superhero Spotlight: Deepthi Thiyagu


Deepthi Thiyagu is this month’s Digital Superhero Spotlight. By day, she’s a Development Tech Lead for Tata Consultancy Services – but when goIT comes calling, she rises to the challenge as a mentor, guide, and teacher: A Digital Superhero!

Q: What was your initial involvement with the goIT program?

A: I’ve been a volunteer since 2017. My first impression is, it is certainly fun and a great opportunity to connect with students and share knowledge specifically in design thinking to help them create technology-enabled solutions to improve the community.

Q: Describe your most interesting experience while volunteering with goIT?

A: Brainstorming sessions were the best of all and it was such an interesting experience to learn students' perspectives on approaching a problem.

Q: Describe your most recent volunteer experience. How did you feel about your involvement?

A: I assisted students from Stopher Elementary School with empathizing community problems, design thinking, app development, coding, presentation and shared my career story. I feel good and happy, and I enjoy teaching.

Q: Describe the most impactful event you have witnessed during goIT program?

A: Although every goIT event is very impactful, I specifically enjoyed the goIT Spring Showcase in Louisville. This event had few guest speakers who are industry experts, and they shared their success stories which was really motivating students/parents to go greater heights.

Q: Describe your favorite student innovation. What did it do? Why was it your favorite?

A: My favourite is “Driver Danger” app because of the impact that it will create in the real world and moreover the app is very easy to use. Just to give you some context, Driver Danger is an app designed to detect and alert people in the event of a car crash.I feel this app is a game changer to help prevent crashes and save lives.

Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering for the goIT program?

A: An opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with students. This program is dedicated to move the needle in STEM education and provide life changing STEM experience.

Q: What skills have you learned from volunteering at goIT? How have they influenced your work life at TCS?

A: I have enhanced my leadership skills which I have leveraged in my day-to-day work with effective problem solving, mentoring and communication.

Q: Why is volunteering with goIT important to you?

A: In my opinion, every student should have the opportunity to experience technology. goIT is a great platform for me to leverage and teach technology.

Q: Describe how goIT helps build towards the future and strengthen the local community?

A: goIT provides opportunities to students in the local community to pursue STEM studies, and it is committed to prepare the next generation of innovators and inventors to strengthen and improve the community.

Q: What do you enjoy most about it?

A: Letting students unlock the full potential of technology.

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