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Digital Superhero Spotlight - IIakshi Rathod


IIakshi has been an active volunteer and a proud advocate for the goIT program. Once she overcame her initial hesitations of fostering communications with teenage children, she has been unstoppable, participating in several goIT programs as an outstanding volunteer. Here’s what she has to say about her experience.

“Since my first involvement with the goIT Ignite My Future project, it has been an enriching experience with new and upcoming talent and ideas and playing a small part in the world’s bright future. The most striking quality I have carried with me since my role in the goIT program has been the truly limitless and inspirational ideas and goals the minds of this new generation come up with. It was so motivating to experience their relentless efforts to bring their aspirational and novel mobile application ideas into reality.”

“It was also quite extraordinary to witness these students work so diligently to recognize problems in their community and work towards solving them in their own ways. The levels of awareness they have at their age is remarkable. I truly think everyone should seize any opportunity they get to volunteer in such programs and try and learn as much as they can from the up-and-coming generation and their boundless aspirations and creativity. Through my experiences as a volunteer, I have greatly cultivated and improved my communication skills through the 3P’s – Politeness, Patience, and Promptness. I have always wanted to help children using my IT skills and expertise, but never knew how to go about it. The goIT program provided me with a platform through which I can actually make a difference in these children’s minds and help make their ideas a reality.”

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