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Digital Superhero Spotlight: Sachin Thakore


Sachin Thakore is this month’s Digital Superhero Spotlight. A Project Manager with Tata Consultancy Services in Canada, Sachin also lives a double life as a Digital Superhero for goIT – helping inspire students with a love of design as he guides them through the process of creating a solution to a problem they’ve identified within their community

Q: So, who are the students you work with as a Digital Superhero?

A: My first workshop was working with 4th Grade students in an urban classroom.

Q: What does goIT provide students like the ones you worked with?

A: For all of these students, it wasn’t just the first time they were learning about goIT, but design thinking in general – and their first time

 creating digital solutions that could impact their communities. goIT also provides students with the opportunity to engage with STEM professionals by interviewing them in the classroom, and as their mentor as they develop their prototypes

Q: What were the challenges these students faced?

A: Some of the challenges we faced together were students learning to collaborate and problem-solve with their peers for the first time. They also learned about empathy and how it could apply to their school community, beyond just their own classroom.
Another challenge was learning to create solutions for stakeholders, while implementing some of the curriculum topics they were learning in class. This forced them to think differently – they weren't creating a solution for their own problems, but for some of the other communities in their school, especially the deaf and hard of hearing students.

Q: What did you bring to the program, representing the Best of TCS?

A: As a volunteer to the goIT program, I brought on the table my 18+ years of global work experience working at TCS – working across multiple projects spanning multiple industries, and multiple technologies across geographies. I’ve played different roles and worked with a diverse global workforce, so I could consolidate all of my experiences during my interactions with these very young minds, and felt comfortable sharing them with the goIT Teachers and students.
From a personal perspective, I specifically emphasized upon the four core skills development areas: (1) Logical Reasoning (2) Mathematical Skills (3) Articulation / Presentation skills (4) Working and Succeeding as a Team.

Q: How did you leave these goIT students more empowered as a result of goIT?

A: We empowered the students because the goIT program is not just about programming and technology, but offers the participants a new way of looking at world’s problems and ways in which we can find solutions.
The goIT program emphasizes STEM in a true sense, and participants greatly benefit from developing a solution-oriented mindset to solve the problems around us and make world a better place.
At my first goIT event, I could already witness some of the great ideas from these young minds come to life – such container bags made out of grains as a replacement for plastic bags, an app prototype for plastic waste reduction, accessible amenities in the outdoor parks for differently-able kids, an app prototype to identify all the accessible points within a locality for better mobility of differently-abled people, an app prototype for digital health-cards for maintaining medical history including vaccination records, and an app prototype for an SoS where there is no / very limited access to 911.These featured mechanical as well as digital solutions to real problems – which demonstrated how goIT proves that there’s more than one approach to creating an effective solution.

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