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Looking for virtual content for your summer camp or upcoming school year?


Many summer camps across the country have been cancelled in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, while others are shifting to a virtual learn-from-home model.

If you’re facing that challenge, join thousands of other educators and summer camp coordinators in leveraging goIT as a distance learning tool. Our content program is free to download, and provides 12-20 hours of engaging, fun, and educational content that challenges students ages 10-17 to create a technological solution to a problem they’ve identified within their community.

Unit Description:

Help your students create a tech-based solution to a problem

facing their community through TCS’ goIT program, a free, engaging and hands-on introduction to digital innovation and computer science. By following the six industry-designed and educator-approved modules, students will become digital innovators by leveraging the design thinking model to create tech-based solutions to global issues facing their community. Close this unit with a formal virtual showcase where students deliver an entrepreneurial pitch on their innovation. As part of the program, TCS’ industry experts work virtually with your students providing mentorship and guidance throughout the innovation lifecycle.

What Teachers and students love the most about goIT in their classrooms:

Not only will students learn about critical computer science and 21st century skills during the program, but they will have a blast doing it! Below are just a few of the program attributes that students and teachers say are their favorites:

- Students see themselves pursuing a STEM career by relating to our industry experts
- Provides a safe space for student voices to be heard on issue most important to them
- UN Sustainable Development Goals bring the real-world into the classroom
- Demystifies computer science…It doesn’t have to be intimidating
- Integrates seamlessly into ANY course content area…This isn’t just for the tech teachers
- And so much more!

12-18 hours of content


goIT helps students meet annual learning goals through its alignment with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards as well as the integration of 21st Century Skills. Below are just a few of the key program learning objectives (SWBAT = Students Will Be Able To):
1. SWBAT communicate the existence and implications of the STEM Skills Gap
2. SWBAT apply their understanding of the design thinking model
3. SWBAT empathize with key stakeholder to identify a relevant problem in their community or world.
4. SWBAT create a low-fidelity prototype that demonstrates a strong understanding of design principles.
5. SWBAT design a basic app using a block-based coding tool
6. SWBAT create a compelling pitch for their solution concept that promotes their prototype.


 A high-fidelity Digital prototype of a tech-for-good solution- A low-fidelity prototype of their solution (storyboard)- An entrepreneurial pitch


 For a simple templatized version of the program content, check out our goIT@home experience HERE- For a more robust program experience, including virtual industry expert support, attend a virtual webinar to learn how to bring goIT into your classroom. Register HERE



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