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TCS’ Ignite My Future in School weaves foundational 21st century skills into everyday learning.


With schools across the world closing down in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO estimates up to 1.3 billion students might find their education interrupted. Tata Consultancy Services has recognized this need – and is working to meet it with its pre-existing STEM development program, Ignite My Future in School.

Ignite My Future in School is an initiative created by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in partnership with Discovery Education and offered for free to educators, schools and school districts across North America.

The aim of IMFIS is to weave computational thinking into core curriculum subjects like math, sciences, arts, and social studies – empowering students with the skills and thinking that will be essential for them to succeed in the digital economy of the 21st century.

While IMFIS is normally taught as part of the regular classroom schedule, teachers access lesson plans and materials online, hosted by TCS. This makes Ignite My Future in School highly accessible for use in distance learning, and provides teachers with fully-baked lesson plans that incorporate valuable computational thinking methodology.

“Ignite My Future in School was designed to be served in real-world, relevant dosages that help educators do what they do best – teach our young people how to think and problem solve,” explains Serene Gallegos, Program Manager for Ignite my Future in School.

“Our computational thinking content is constantly updated, and always has timely connections to the world around us right now – even in this unprecedented time. Trending lesson plans right now include ‘Outbreak’, which explore how a virus can spread, and ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ which examine how our human footprint impacts our communities.”

“Educators can find relevant content for any core subject in our online catalogue of resources, and because IMFIS content is designed to be taught in the classroom, it translates seamlessly to online learning.”

Parents and teachers can access Ignite My Future in School via our free, online platform at There, they’ll discover a plethora of real-world and relevant teacher lesson plans, plus other resources to integrate computational thinking into all core subjects.

Starting in April 2020, the IMFIS team will host informational overviews via WebEx online conference for teachers, parents, and educators interested in using the Ignite My Future in School program. The overview will cover what computational thinking is, how teachers can leverage this content for online learning modules, and provide answers to any questions.



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