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Superhero Spotlight – Mahesh Adulla


From classroom volunteering, supporting the goIT Monthly challenge, to participating in Leaders with Purpose, Mahesh Adulla has been one of goIT’s top volunteers! Find out what inspires this volunteer to continue to support TCS’ STEM education programs.

The inclusion of TCS industry experts continues to make goIT a standout among student-facing technology innovation programs. Through our volunteers, students receive feedback and mentorship from technology experts. But the students aren’t the only one benefiting from this interaction, our volunteers often report they get just as much reward by working with students.

Mahesh Adulla., a long-time TCS associate, has been a volunteer for goIT since early 2019, and eagerly sought out volunteer experiences

after sponsoring his son Raneesh’s First Lego League (FLL) team. During his volunteer experience, he loved tinkering with and creating gadgets, and gravitated to the design thinking components of goIT’s programming. His favorite part about volunteering with other students was the satisfaction of when other kids listen to his advice. “My kids don’t listen to me,” Mahesh said with a smile, “but I can give other kids the same advice, and they really take my advice to heart. It feels good to pass on knowledge to underserved students who might not have the same resources my son and his friends have.”

Mahesh appreciates goIT’s value so much, he mentors Raneesh and his FLL teammates in the goIT Monthly Challenge almost every month. Mahesh appreciates having activities for Raneesh and his friends while all other after-school activities are on pause due to COVID. Mahesh and Raneesh have submitted an idea for almost every monthly challenge.

In addition to enjoying the experience of the goIT Monthly Challenge, Raneesh feels like learning about the various SDGs has improved his life. He said, “My favorite challenge was in October with SDG #3 – Health and Well-Being. I got to learn about how to stay active and healthy while at home. Before I just did my homework and played video games, but now I try to run a mile on the treadmill a few times a week.”

Beyond the educational and health benefits of the goIT Monthly Challenge, the father-son duo also used the opportunity to bond not only with each other, but with friends and colleagues in different parts of the world. Raneesh’s last goIT partner was in North Carolina. They’re even encouraging friends in London to participate in the goIT Monthly Challenge when it makes its way into the UK.

Mahesh is deepening his volunteer repertoire by participating in the most recent Leaders with Purpose cohort, which is an internal program with the goal to harness leadership, communication, and project management skills to create a sustained commitment to social impact within the community. “TCS goIT and LwP programs, provided an opportunity for me to recognize my talents and find ways to serve those who are less privileged than I am. It provides me with balance, peace and joy of a successful life.”

If you’re hoping to volunteer with TCS, email our employee engagement specialist