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Employability remains one of the core focus areas for TCS, even in this period of social isolation.


Providing access to skills and training that can enhance employability has remained one of TCS’s foundational missions since the company began, and over five decades we’ve championed programs to enhance the employability of women, the young, and those from marginalized communities.

During this period of social isolation, the challenges those from marginalized communities face have become more extreme – and we’re committed to leveraging our technology to pilot online learning and virtual volunteering models to help address these needs.

Already, our efforts have been proven in supporting the needs of students from more than 250 rural post-secondary education institutions across India.

Using accessible tools such as Microsoft Teams and Webex has enabled much of this training and coaching, and the effectiveness of virtual learning has been enhanced through shorter sprints and amplified scalability.

So far, 132 volunteers have spent 560 hours providing online learning that supports the needs of 1,400 engineering students in 30 rural undergraduate institutions across India.

Virtual sessions have also been conducted for 5,000+ arts, commerce, and science students from 250 rural post-secondary education institutions. These students have been coached and trained to develop vital business skills, a good business mentality, and trained in the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

150 girls from underprivileged communities have mentored by industry experts on how to succeed in academics, grow their careers, and develop both personally and professionally.

120 young Indians from marginalized communities were offered guidance and coaching on how to practically implement groundbreaking new technical concepts in the context of their industry and community.