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With goIT@home, TCS has quickly adapted its flagship digital innovation program into a virtual model for parents and educators.


“In this challenging environment, goIT is as committed as ever to providing experiences to students that will prepare them for the future of work,” says John Dichiara, Global Program Manager for goIT.

goIT is an experiential, immersive program in which middle and high school students get hands-on technology education, working in teams to develop technological solutions to issues that impact their community.

goIT is normally conducted on site at participating schools, and supported in person by volunteers from Tata Consultancy Services and other partner organizations. However, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, TCS is leveraging its industry leading technological and intellectual resources to find a different way to deliver the program.

“In response to closure of schools across the country, goIT has prepared a completely student-driven, at-home project experience modeled after

the core tenants of goIT,” DiChiara explains. “Both teachers and parents can access this resource for free, and share it with their students or their own children. Through goIT at home, students will discover the design thinking process, ideate solutions to community issues, and learn how to bring their concepts to life in the form of digital prototypes.”

“Additionally, teachers can use this resource to invite industry expert guest speakers to Skype into their online classrooms, as well as ask for feedback on student projects from real STEM professionals.”

This online version of goIT will be provided as an e-learning packet for teachers, which they can share with their students. It's a streamlined version of the same goIT challenge students engage in in person, with a guided template for students to work through at home and then share with their teachers.

goIT itself is intrinsically customizable, designed using TCS’ Business 4.0 methodology that puts the end-user at the center of deliver. This means the program is highly customizable, giving teachers the opportunity to focus on issues and situations especially relevant to their students’ interests and experiences, and thereby making the program as engaging for them as possible.

“We’ve restructured our content to make it easier for teachers to use via a virtual classroom, but it delivers the same engaging results,” says Hillary McDonald, who leads goIT programs in-person across North America. “Whether in-person, or via distance learning, goIT allows students to ideate ways in which technology could be used to solve the world’s most pressing issues – including those associated with the current, pandemic outbreak.”

The e-learning packet for goIT has been shared with TCS’ network of participating teachers and is available online.