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With 33 million Americans filing for unemployment, TCS has offered invaluable pro-bono support to 11+ states in shoring up their benefits infrastructure


In the United States, the COVID-19 crisis has been devastating to the economy. Over 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits – the largest number in American history – and state IT systems have been unable to keep pace.

One of the issues has been the need to shore up statewide benefits infrastructure with 40-year-old computer mainframes, which run off the 61-year-old COBOL programming language. The ability to get these systems up and running correctly, and maintain them, requires a very specific and uncommon range of technology skills – making programmers fluent in COBOL in hot demand right now.

Tata Consultancy Services is fortunate to be able to leverage these valuable skills from within its own pool of North American employees – 

and as such, has offered New Jersey’s Division of Unemployment Insurance with volunteers and pro-bono services to help meet their demand.

TCS is part of the NY State “Tech SWAT team” to offer similar assistance, make up of volunteers from our workforce. We’ve offered pro-bono support to New York State, and to 18 U.S. states in total, to help them through this challenging period and beyond.

“It is not like anything else,” New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo said. “There are more unemployed today than since the Great Depression – so you’d have to go back to the Great Depression to come up with a comparable situation.”

TCS stands ready to provide their expertise and consulting to help improve the performance and capacity of beleaguered benefit systems – and help make sure millions of Americans receive the unemployment benefits they so desperately need right now.



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