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Through DISQ - Digital Impact Square – the TCS Foundation is leveraging technology to respond to this pandemic


In Nashik, Maharashtra, TCS is leveraging technology and innovation to combat the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented, and it’s not just in terms of those who’ve died from the disease. With schools and colleges closing worldwide, millions suddenly unemployed, and lockdown and stay-at-home orders in every major town and city, we’ve all been suddenly faced with challenges that many were totally unprepared for.

In the riverside city of Nashik, in the state of Maharashtra, India, TCS Foundation’s social innovation center Digital Impact Square (DISQ) has approached these challenges by leveraging its innovation and design methodology to respond to some of the largest problems faced by COVID-19.

DISQ was created with the intention of supporting and nurturing the development of bold new ideas that address India's most pressing social and economic challenges. At Digital Impact Square, hand-selected teams of students from some of India’s top universities are supported, coached, and mentored by experienced TCS leaders to help bring their solutions to reality.

In response to COVID-19, the innovators from DiSQ have created dynamic new systems that meet the most urgent problems being faced – such as the development of a digital platform that has empowered 350,000+ Indians to assess their flu-like symptoms from the comfort of their home, reducing the possible risk of them infecting others by visiting a healthcare center.

Likewise, DISQ was the birthplace of a vehicle e-Pass system that has allowed essential and authorized service vehicles to be recognized and move quickly and smoothly through checkpoints in more than 30 districts during the extended lockdown period.

In Maharashtra, DISQ led to the development and distribution of a mobile application that allowed health authorities to more easily track quarantined COVID-19 patients to help ensure they didn’t trigger more infections.

Many more innovations are in the works – designed to address existing problems, or provide ways to prevent them in the future, if another pandemic situation arises.



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