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TCS fronts the battle against COVID-19 with Research & Innovation


Tata Consultancy Services leverages the best of its intellectual and technological capital to develop innovative solutions to this pandemic crisis.

The Research & Innovation organization of Tata Consultancy Services represents some of the company’s brightest and most innovative minds, and they’ve rapidly developed several key initiatives to support the community during this pandemic crisis.

Innovations include a COVID-19 patient tracker developed to provide a quick and light platform suitable for clinical trials.

TCS’ advanced data and analytics expertise was also leveraged to develop systems that rapidly collated and delivered effectiveness data in collaboration with pharmaceutical and medical institutions on the front line of this crisis.

The company leveraged drug molecule discovery using patented technology and frameworks and is exploring promising new ideas to develop and provide affordable and effective ventilators and kits.

To facilitate tracking and monitoring, TCS has developed pilots of wearable monitors for quarantine patients and frontline healthcare professionals.

Cutting-edge radiology image analysis is one of the most innovative ways in which TCS is leveraging its expertise in AI – using complex, self-educating models to differentiate between COVID-19 infections and other pathologies based on X-Rays. Whether searching for a cure, or developing new diagnosis or treatment options, TCS’ scientific ethos remains to work at discovery and to learn from the outcomes of every experiment.

“We have to keep trying, keep testing, and keep learning from every experiment,” says Dr Gopalakrishnan Bulusu, a principal scientist involved in the project to use AI in designing new drugs to combat the disease.

Innovation and ingenuity in approaches to prevention, containment, treatment and cure will best help the world recover from the impact of this pandemic – and TCS is committed to lead from the front.