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TCS and NGO partners ensure rural communities have access to vital COVID19 communication


Communication of accurate, timely information is essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19, and TCS continues to leverage its extensive NGO partner network to help provide access to these vital communication channels during this pandemic

.During a pandemic, it’s important to quickly establish guidelines and rules to help stop the spread of the infection and “flatten the curve” of hospital admissions. However, in parts of rural India, millions are without access to timely information; meaning they’re unaware of how best to act during this crisis.

To help meet that need, TCS is leveraging its world-leading technology and the skills and knowledge of its employees to help bridge the communication gap.

TCS’ healthcare domain and safety experts contributed in addressing this by creating engaging and valuable advisories, audio messages and posters in 10 Indian languages – focusing on physical and emotional well-being, plus guidance on how to access government relief measures and entitlements which could prove crucial to rural communities impacted by quarantine restrictions. These communications have been delivered virtually to over 450,000 people in rural areas across India.

More than 150 trainers from our flagship Adult Literacy Program and more than 460 employability students received permission from local government authorities to leverage their laptops in spreading awareness and information to the doorstep of their rural audiences.

It’s not just in India that TCS is maximizing the impact of communications and advisories. We also leveraged our expertise in predictive analytics to create a chatbot for our charity partners to raise awareness, share nutritional information, and provide teleconsultation services across Australia and New Zealand – including an integrated self-assessment tool so users can assess the severity of their flu-like symptoms from the comfort of their own home, and without exposing others to potential infection.

The same methodology which helps TCS solve the problems of the world’s leading companies can also be applied to situations like this – allowing us to leverage what TCS does best and maximize the impact of our work.