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Congratulations to the Leaders with Purpose 2020 Graduating Class


This July, 27 employees graduated from our Leaders with Purpose program, which guides them into becoming community engagement leaders within their organization.

On Friday July 17, a very special event took place at Tata Consultancy Services – only in a very different way from how it had originally been envisioned.

The event was the graduation of Tata Consultancy Services’ Leaders with Purpose 2020 cohort – 27 employees who’d made a commitment to serve a number of dedicated volunteer hours with our Corporate Social Responsibility programs and serve as examples to their fellow employees.


Over the course of the year-long program, these employees received coaching, training, and mentorship to help focus that desire to give back, and to shape them into a new generation of leaders who understand the power of aligning business goals with social goals.

Friday’s graduation was the conclusion to the second year of the Leaders with Purpose program – and was very different to the one that had taken place 2019. Given the impact of COVID-19, a face-to-face graduation wasn’t possible; so the Leaders with Purpose program demonstrated the best of TCS and leveraged our technological capital to host a ‘virtual’ event instead.

This mirrored the unique challenges our graduating class faced in meeting the commitment they’d made to serving their communities. At the beginning of the Leaders with Purpose 2020 program, many of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs involved face-to-face and in-person interaction. This ended seemingly overnight when the pandemic hit.

But just as TCS rapidly pivoted its core CSR programs to meet the new demands of the communities we serve, our Leaders with Purpose graduates leveraged different opportunities to meet their volunteer commitments and continue serving the needs of their communities.

In doing so, they demonstrated their resilience, adaptability, and empathy – values which are at the heart of what Tata Consultancy Services provides for both businesses and communities, and have never been more important than at this unique moment in history.

Over the course of the last year, our Leaders with Purpose graduates have served as evangelists for TCS, and provided immense value to our nonprofit and public partners like NPower and through the New York State SWAT Team. More so, they demonstrated purpose – identifying needs, ideating solutions, and using the same business best practices TCS provides to our clients in order to best empower people and communities.

The virtual graduation was opened with words from Sury Kant, President of TCS in North America, the UK, and Europe:

“We are witnessing with great clarity the meaning behind Jamsetji Tata’s words: 'In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder but is in fact the very purpose of its existence.' The TATA legacy continues to be reflected in the values we hold as a company, and in each one you through the commitment that you have demonstrated to the community. May your development and personal learning continue to make you the best possible leaders in and outside of TCS.”

While this is only the second year of the Leaders with Purpose program, the impact these graduates have had on the lives around them ensure that many will follow their careers with special interest. These 27 employees demonstrate that the power of purpose is immense and impactful – and that it’s aligned with everything TCS does.

Driven by that purpose, and by using empathy and their unique skillsets to address societal issues, the 2020 graduates of the Leaders with Purpose program have been empowered to make a meaningful difference to the world - and engage many others in the process. We congratulate their dedication and hard work and invite you to read more about their work and impact through the links below.

Learn about how some of our Leaders with Purpose graduates provided crucial pro-bono support to the New York Department of Labor during the COVID-19 crisis.



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