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Every year, a new cycle of innovation begins at Digital Impact Square (DISQ) - a social innovation center in the riverside city of Nashik created by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Foundation.

DISQ is intended to nurture the development of bold new ideas that use the power of digital to address India's most pressing social and economic challenges.

When college undergraduates Narhari Chauhan and Rahul Doshi were selected to join DISQ, they committed to addressing the 400,000+ deaths caused by tuberculosis each year.

Mentored and coached by veteran innovators from TCS, the team discovered that the biggest opportunity for impact was to ensure patients adhered to their treatment regimen. Their solution was TMEAD – a discreet, battery-powered medication dispenser that alerts patients when it's time to take their medicine, and contacts medical professionals if they fail to.

A pilot trial demonstrated a 95% rate of compliance, including seven patients becoming disease-free.

TMEAD demonstrated the value it could provide in stopping the spread of tuberculosis, and now DISQ is leveraging TCS’ technical and financial capital to support the TMEAD team pilot the solution in other districts across Maharashtra.


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