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In over twenty years of teaching, I’ve learned that the common thread running through every great learning experience is when students feel the lessons are relative and meaningful to their lives.  Just as lessons were starting to feel stale, I found TCS’s goIT initiative.  goIT provides my students with experiences that they are sure to remember for a lifetime.  When they know that their schoolwork can improve not only their lives, but the lives of their community, the students look forward to coming to class fully engaged and excited to participate.

goIT has opened the eyes of my students who previously were not aware of their power to help solve worldwide issues. goIT uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for their monthly challenges.  In doing so, I am able to use professional resources for facilitating classroom discussions that increase local and global citizenship thinking in my students.

As educators, we are always searching for experiences that both provide students with real-world lessons, but also fit into our required state-issued learning standards.  This is where goIT comes in:  by providing teacher training, detailed lessons, and relatable monthly topics, every stakeholder in the district benefits from their partnership with TCS in an all-in-one package.  My administration was immediately on-board when hearing the phrase free of cost and fill state standards together in one sentence!

In addition to previously-mentioned benefits, goIT also enhances my students’ skills in creativity, teamwork, and raises technology awareness for those who might not otherwise have access.  To say the least, goIT has definitely piqued students' interest in exploring technology as future career paths.  

The personal pride with which students beam as they share their culminating projects is entirely worth the small amount of extra time spent preparing for goIT lessons.  With a curriculum that teachers can choose to adapt to any subject, or use as cross-curricular projects, the end results are students, parents, and educators who see the power of making a positive impact in the lives of others.


-Adam Hartley




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