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Emerging technologies have transformed the way we work—from the way companies do business and engage their value chains to the way governments and nonprofits serve their communities. The greatest opportunity, however, lies in the capabilities these technologies bring to transform society. This new era has a powerful potential to solve real world problems, fulfill human needs, and present new opportunities for innovation and growth, but these tasks cannot be accomplished in silos.

By leveraging the ingenuity and resources of the private sector, the innovative capacity of entrepreneurs, and the collective assets of governments, NGOs, and civil society—we can create sustainable, scalable solutions to alleviate our most pressing societal and sustainability challenges.

Digital Empowers programming seeks to raise awareness on digital technologies and social issues, explore the art of the possible, and foster cross- sector partnerships. Digital Empowers connects business and community leaders shaping the future of innovation and social impact by showcasing the creative applications and partnerships that are accelerating innovation and bringing greater equity and access to individuals and communities around the world.

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