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Technology as a Catalyst for Empowering Communities

As leaders in innovation, TCS understands that digital tools and technologies have transformed the way we work. While leveraging these for business is the norm, we realize the greatest opportunity lies in the capabilities of these technologies to transform society, to solve real world problems. 

We know that these goals cannot be accomplished when business, technology, nonprofits, and policy makers work in silos. 

By uniting the ingenuity and resources of the private sector, the innovative capacity of technologists, and the collective assets of governments, NGOs, and civil society, sustainable, scalable solutions to solve our most pressing societal challenges are being created. 

Technology as a Catalyst for Empowering Communities is an insightful report that is the culmination of learnings from these cross-sector solutions over the last 3 years. This knowledge base was built in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and explores the unique and innovative ways in which technology is being tapped to create value for communities and to drive social impact.

Digital Empowers provided that collaborative platform for business and community leaders to co-create and co-innovate on solutions that are shaping the future of social impact innovation. 

Over the last three years, Digital Empowers’ sought to:

    1. Engage cross sector experts in a neutral, non-competitive platform 

    2. Elevate diverse perspectives while unifying them to achieve a common goal 

    3. Provide a holistic yet multi-pronged approach to ideate and collaborate on new ideas 

    4. Integrate a focus not only on macro issues, but on micro unique problems faced by local communities, and 

    5. Aggregate insights to provide a knowledge base to solve similar problems across the globe. 

Digital Empowers is fostering the next generation of transformational ideas, expanding the role of technology in solving them, and creating a drive for collaborative co-created solutions for a better future. 

Join us as we raise awareness on digital technologies and social issues, explore the art of what’s possible and foster cross sector partnerships to create transformational social impact. 



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