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As of August 2021, COVID-19 has since been responsible for the deaths of over 4 million people globally, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Amidst the unknowns, losses, lockdowns, and economic crisis, COVID-19 has spurred unprecedented agility, ingenuity, and crowdsourced collaboration. 

Technology has advanced in a global effort to support communities, with digital connectivity, cloud, data and analytics, AI, and robotics being at the forefront of this innovation.

covid-19 pandemic

Explore the key learnings from the COVID-19 chapter:

  • Small businesses have been able to stay afloat amid lockdowns due to government relief programs enabled by corporate technologies, and digital engagement enabled by social enterprises and nonprofits. User-centric cloud platforms were created and deployed to ensure the thousands of small businesses seeking government relief packages had access to funds. Nonprofit and social enterprise organizations assisted mom-and-pop shops to introduce e-commerce platforms to allow them to keep their doors open, virtually. 

  • Data and citizen scientists created open dashboards to understand pandemic trends and keep track of cases. Utilizing predictive analytics models, public and private institutions can make decisions based on what the trends and the models show. This data can also be used to predict patient outcomes and make decisions for their treatment and care. 

  • As the trend in misinformation around the disease grew so did the solutions to mitigate its spread. AI, analytics, data scraping, and visualization has been used to identify misinformation at the source and provide feedback to authorities to take further action. 

  • Advanced robotics have been utilized to carry out essential services during the pandemic. From greeting hospital patients with temperature checks and testing COVID-19 samples, to carrying out the transport of safe pharmacy deliveries

to home-bound customers. The applications of robotics for vaccine delivery will be essential in rural and remote regions.

Learn more about how technology is transforming pandemic response by downloading the full report or visit the main report page.